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November 22, 2023, admission from 8:30 a.m., program starts at 10 a.m.


Hybrid Event: Get one of only 1000 tickets live on-site at Halle 45 in Mainz. Get access to exclusive breakout rooms, masterclasses and topic networking.

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Birthday Edition: On November 22, 2023 it’s all about new content, new channels and new technologies for the fifth time. The best speakers in the industry will inspire in keynotes, panels, master classes and talk about today’s content hot topics, trends and discourses.


How will the content generation change in the coming years? What potential do generative AIs’ offer and what can the hype do in terms of format, content, production and distribution?
The traditional roles of broadcasters and recipients have been in rotation for a long time now: a plea for more interaction, a discourse on news and AI, and a broad look at Germany as a producer country. Are producers the new broadcasters and what is production with attitude: socially engaged, green, entrepreneurial?
Where in the content sphere are we screwing, daring, failing and what do we need for new inventions with global impact?

Content Con Mainstage
Eva Schulz
Panel mit Mousse T.
Keynote Andreas Briese
Panel CC22
Panel mit Heike Raab
Kathrin Franssen TikTok
Keynote Devo Harris
Breakout Rooms


  • Malu Dreyer

    Malu Dreyer

    @Staatskanzlei, Prime Minister of Rheinland-Pfalz | Staatskanzlei
  • Heike Raab

    Heike Raab

    @Staatskanzlei, State Secretary | LinkedIn
  • Kai Gniffke

    Prof. Dr. Kai Gniffke

    @SWR, Director | LinkedIn
  • Michaela Kolster

    @PHOENIX, Programmanaging Director | Web
  • Philipp Schild

    Philipp Schild

    @funk, Programmanaging Director | LinkedIn
  • Janin Ullmann

    Janin Ullmann

    @HostCC23, Journalist & Host | LinkedIn
  • Johannes Kleske

    Johannes Kleske

    @edenspiekermann, Senior Director Foresight | LinkedIn
  • Christian Hirth

    Christian Hirth

    @DeepVA, CEO & Co-Founder | LinkedIn
  • Jasmin Maeda

    Jasmin Maeda

    @ZDFneo, Station Manager | Web
  • Can Florian Ahegger

    Can Florian Ahegger

    @ca-agentur, Managing Director & Founder | LinkedIn
  • Simon Planken

    Simon Planken

    @SPL, Managing Partner, Investor, Podcast Host | LinkedIn
  • Matthias Reichert

    Matthias Reichert

    @Sport1, CCO | LinkedIn
  • Meinolf Ellers

    Meinolf Ellers

    @DPA, UseTheNews, DRIVE, Strategic Business | LinkedIn
  • Henrik Roth

    Henrik Roth

    @neuroflash, CMO | LinkedIn
  • Bernd Korz

    Bernd Korz

    @Alugha, CEO & CVO | LinkedIn
  • Fabian Tobias

    Fabian Tobias

    @EndemolShine Germany, Managing Director | LinkedIn
  • Suzy Cox

    Suzy Cox

    @Snap Inc, Head of Programming & Media Partnerships EMEA, India and APAC | LinkedIn
  • Denise Mancinone

    Denise Mancinone

    @Snap Inc., Head of Marketing DACH | LinkedIn
  • Christine Strobl

    Christine Strobl

    @ARD, Program Director | ARD
  • Matthias Schulze

    Matthias Schulze

    @Adobe, Principal Solution Consultant | LinkedIn
  • Kemal Görgülü @ARTE - CTO

    Kemal Görgülü

    @ARTE, CTO | @LinkedIn
  • Prof. Dr. Mark Eisenegger

    @IKMZ, Co-Director and Study Program Director of Communication and Media Research | @LinkedIn
  • Nathalie Wappler Hagen

    @SRF, Director | @LinkedIn
  • Sarah Kübler

    Sarah Kübler

    @HitchOn & AlwaysOn Production, Managing Director & Founder | @LinkedIn
  • Alex Petrenko Co-Founder & CEO - ZibraAI

    Alex Petrenko

    @ZibraAI, Co-Founder & CEO | @LinkedIn
  • Michael Giegerich - Managing Director Creative Services bei bright! studios

    Michael Giegerich

    @bright! studios, Managing Director Creative Services | @LinkedIn
  • Benjamin Buthmann Co-Founder & CEO of Whyzzer

    Benjamin Buthmann

    @whyzzer, CEO & Founder | @LinkedIn
  • Thomas Münzner- Vice President Content bei Joyn GmbH

    Thomas Münzner

    @Joyn, Vice President Content | @LinkedIn
  • Anna Graf

    Anna Graf

    @Arvato Systems Bertelsmann, Innovation Lead Web3 | @LinkedIn
  • Norbert Himmler

    @ZDF, Director | Web
  • Lara Sophie Bothur

    Lara Sophie Bothur

    @Deloitte, Voice for Innovation | LinkedIn
  • Quirin Berg

    Quirin Berg

    @LEONINE Studios, Chief Creative and Co-Chief Production Officer | Web
  • Tomi Stevenson

    Tomi Stevenson

    @BRnext, Motion Designerin | LinkedIn
  • Lennart Bedford-Strohm

    Lennart Bedford-Strohm

    @BRnext, Author & Format Developer | LinkedIn
  • Tobias Henning

    Tobias Henning

    @TikTok, General Manager | @LinkedIn
  • Sabine Frank

    Sabine Frank

    @YouTube DACH, Head of Governmental Affaires and Public Policy | @LinkedIn
  • Johanna Heyden

    Johanna Heyden

    @Vodafone, Head of Future Business & Cooperations | @LinkedIn
  • Valerie Weber - Geschäftsführerin Programm - Audiotainment Südwest GmbH & Co.KG

    Valerie Weber

    @Audiotainment Südwest, Geschäftsführerin Programm | @LinkedIn
  • Thomas Josef Dauser Direktor Innovationsmanagement und Digitale Transformation bei SWR

    Thomas Dauser

    @SWR, Director Innovation Management and Digital Transformation | @LinkedIn
  • Dr. Kristin Becker

    Dr. Kristin Becker

    @SWR, Correspondent ARD Capital Studio | @LinkedIn
  • Konstantin Flemig

    @funk, Journalist
  • Katharina Bochnig

    @Ubisoft, Project Spcialist Education
  • Julia Lumma

    @VRM, Editor in Chief and Management of Contents
  • Mario Geisenhanslüke

    @VRM, Deputy Editor-in-Chief Content Development
  • Katja Fleischmann

    @DPA, Product Manager DRIVE
  • Katharina Petermeier

    @VRM, Digital reporter with a focus on digital storytelling
  • Ardawan Okhovat

    @Snap Inc., Production Lead DACH
  • Frauke Holzmeier

    @RTL, Journalist and moderator | LinkedIn
  • Oliver Edwards- Head of Marketing-

    Oliver Edwards

    @Sweap, Head of Marketing | @LinkedIn
  • Benedikt Grindel Managing Director at Ubisoft Blue Byte GmbH

    Benedikt Grindel

    @Ubisoft, Managing Director | @LinkedIn
  • Sebastian Demuth - Innovation Manager im SWR X Lab

    Sebastian Demuth

    @SWR X Lab, Innovation Manager | @LinkedIn
  • Daniel Stolz - Senior Innovation Manager im SWR X Lab

    Daniel Stolz

    @SWR X Lab, Senior Innovation Manager | @LinkedIn
  • Philipp Behncke Founder Playful Media

    Philipp Behncke

    @Playful Media, Founder | @LinkedIn
  • Dennis Schmelz

    Dennis Schmelz

    @Filmmaker & Content Creator | Web
  • Maximilian von Perfall

    Maximilian von Perfall

    @YouTube / Google, Strategic Partnerships | @LinkedIn
  • Magdalena Maria S.

    Magdalena Stefely

    @funk, Editor Content | @LinkedIn
  • Christine Frysz Online Marketing Managerin @ funk

    Christine Frysz

    @funk, Online Marketing Manager | @LinkedIn
  • Steffen Fabian Schmidt Head of Strategic Topics

    Steffen Fabian Schmidt

    @Ergo Group AG, Global Corporate Communications | @LinkedIn
  • Rebecca Singer

    @Rheinpfalz, Editor
  • Nicole Mies Senior Director Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility

    Nicole Mies

    @Lufthansa Cargo, Senior Director Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility | @LinkedIn
  • Harry Walter

    Harry Walter

    @Bartenbach, Geschäftsführer Bartenbach Sports | @LinkedIn
  • Maximilian Floegel VP Global Marketing & Internal Communications @DB Schenker

    Maximilian Floegel

    @DB Schenker, VP Global Marketing & Internal Communications | @LinkedIn
  • Head of Innovation Communications & Storytelling at SCHOTT

    Michael Müller

    @Schott AG, Head of Innovation PR & Storytelling | @LinkedIn
  • Higo


    @Content Creator | @YouTube
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Janin Ullmann @janinullmann
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More than 50 national and international speakers will talk about the hot topics, trends and discourses of today.





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Michael Giegerich

Unreal Engine for Virtual Production …

… at every scale

How tools such as LED volumes and augmented reality can expand content production workflows within almost any budget.

Virtual Production faces the challenge of transforming from a first mover technology to a tool suitable for mass production processes. Implementation in smaller and less costly setups plays a decisive role in this and will be shown here as well as examples from larger VP productions. From pre-production to on-site implementations with tracking workflows and real-time playback to the final shot. In this masterclass, various examples of VP applications with the Unreal Engine will be explained and broken down into their creative development process and the individual steps of technical implementation.
In addition to the masterclass, interested parties can view a small-scale virtual production setup on the bright! demo space and clarify all detailed questions hands-on.

Important note: The masterclasses are included in the ticket price, but seats are limited. The principle “first come, first served” applies.

Dennis Schmelz

How AI helps you …

… produce better videos with Adobe Premiere Pro

In this masterclass, Dennis Schmelz will show you new and AI-powered features in Adobe Premiere Pro that will allow you to spend less time doing annoying and time-consuming things and more time focusing on the actual creative work. You will also learn how to share your project with and incorporate feedback directly.

Important note: The masterclasses are included in the ticket price, but seats are limited. The principle “first come, first served” applies.

Maximilian Perfall

How to YouTube Shorts?

Factors and trends for successful YouTube Shorts

With over 2 billion logged-in users per month and over 70 billion views per day, YouTube Shorts is the platform of the moment. With a rapidly growing reach, the question of the factors for success with YouTube Shorts is becoming increasingly relevant – both for content providers and advertisers. What are the latest best practices for the creation, discoverability and marketing of short-form content on YouTube? What are the current trends and where is the journey heading in the future? What do advertisers and creatives need to consider to be successful with YouTube Shorts?

Important note: The masterclasses are included in the ticket price, but seats are limited. The principle “first come, first served” applies.

Denise Mancinone, Ardawan Okhovat

From Storytelling to Storyliving

How Augmented Reality Changes Content

In this session, Denise Mancinone, Head of Marketing DACH, and Ardawan Okovat, Production Lead DACH, from Snap Inc. will tell you about the possibilities Augmented Reality (AR) opens up in storytelling and how it brings content or stories to life. They will show you how media brands, companies and content creators use AR, show cases and explain how to think about an AR Lens and end up creating it. Finally, we’ll build a Lens live in just 10 minutes. Join us to discover the added value of this technology for your content.

Important note: The masterclasses are included in the ticket price, but seats are limited. The principle “first come, first served” applies.

Oliver Edwards

Unlock the Goldmine

Use and measure event content effectively

Experience the diverse possibilities of event (generated) content. Using concrete examples, we show how this special type of content can be generated and used in different phases of an event, and we also address the challenges of measuring success. The goal: to identify untapped marketing potential and understand events as a content treasure trove and key component for achieving your business goals.

Important note: The masterclasses are included in the ticket price, but seats are limited. The principle “first come, first served” applies.

Katharina Bochnig

Play to Learn

Ubisoft games in the classroom

Teaching knowledge through video games? Yes, it is possible! Digital Game-Based Learning refers to teaching and learning with video games and opens up countless new possibilities for the classroom. Ubisoft offers 5 selected games free of charge for educational purposes through its Play to Learn program – some of them with specially created additional teaching material. Learn programming with Rabbids, immerse yourself in the history of World War I with Valiant Hearts, or follow in the footsteps of the ancient Egyptians and Greeks in Assassin’s Creed Discovery tours: used cleverly, the games can bring a breath of fresh air into the classroom. In this masterclass, after a general introduction to the topic, we want to test a teaching sequence ourselves.

Important note: The masterclasses are included in the ticket price, but seats are limited. The principle “first come, first served” applies.

Jule Lumma

AI in journalism

An exchange on AI use and learnings in journalism

AI can’t do journalism, but we can use AI to support our local journalism. And we haven’t just been doing this since ChatGPT, but for some time now in a wide variety of tools. We are very open to testing to find out if and what AI can do for us. Based on our testings with ChatGPT, we would like to talk to you in the masterclass about what you and we have learned in the process and discuss what frameworks make sense.

Important note: The masterclasses are included in the ticket price, but seats are limited. The principle “first come, first served” applies.

Dirty Little Secrets

Dirty Little Secrets

Investigative research as an streaming-highlight

The competition is just a click away: Public service offerings in the ARD Mediathek must therefore compete with the high storytelling quality of international streaming providers. In developing the docu-series “Dirty Little Secrets,” we asked ourselves: How can we assert ourselves in this environment?

How do you tell investigative research in an entertaining way, for a young target group and as a streaming highlight? How do you visualize rather dry material like Spotify playlists, contracts and studies in an unconventional and high-quality way? Lennart Bedford-Strohm and Tomi Stevenson from the BRnext development editorial team at Bayerischer Rundfunk will give you an honest insight into the format development and production process.

Important note: The masterclasses are included in the ticket price, but seats are limited. The principle “first come, first served” applies.

Katharina Petermeier, Katja Fleischmann, Rebecca Singer

How do we produce the stories…

…that interest our readers?

80 percent of the stories on the websites of regional publishers are hardly read by anyone. The publishers in the DRIVE initiative want to counteract this. They have analyzed which reading needs are addressed by the stories that are particularly successful digitally – in that they are read a lot and for a long time or have attracted new subscribers. These reading needs have fed into models according to which articles are now produced in local newsrooms. Katja Fleischmann from dpa, Katharina Petermeier from VRM and Rebecca Singer from RHEINPFALZ report on how the needs of readers can be integrated into everyday editorial work, what practical problems there are in doing so – and how they can be mastered.

Important note: The masterclasses are included in the ticket price, but seats are limited. The principle “first come, first served” applies.

Konstantin Flemig

Dying to tell

War journalism and social media

How do you become a warfluencer on your vacation?

Why is the ARD media library important if you want to interview IS terrorists in Syria?

What do you do if the TikTok algorithm thinks you’re a Taliban?

And what content can you draw from death threats from offended nationalists?

In this masterclass, journalist and funk host Konstantin Flemig reports on the adventures of a social media war reporter – on the digital front and on the real one.

Important note: The masterclasses are included in the ticket price, but seats are limited. The principle of “first come, first served” applies here.

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